About Me

My name is Maria Jose, a Photographer and Stylist from Patagonia Argentina, based in The Netherlands. 

I spend my days creating content for brands and product photography and styling.

I like to develop atmospheres that represent the product or service to be photographed. In lifestyle photography, as well as in product and food photography, the environment always participates by bringing meaning to the scene.
A photograph is able to say many things without the need for words. It can tempt you to go and see a place, to taste a delicious coffee or a cake (as I like so much) or sell you an object you didn’t know you needed. A photo can make you travel to the other side of the continent, and can generate a thousand sensations.
It is very important to know how to communicate through photographs, especially if you are a brand and you have a message to transmit to your community/target.

I used to design party kits and printables for the best parties ever.My designs will soon be in my store again, for those who want to create a lovely party itself, with a lovely printable kit !

Let me know if you want me to design amazing content to elevate your brand.

Send me an email to [email protected] and let’s make it official.